How does membership equity work?


Membership equity is your capital investment in the Co-op. Whereas other types of business acquire capital from private investors or by selling shares on the open market, the Co-op relies on its membership for the money used to open a store, purchase inventory and run the business. Should you choose to withdraw your support for the Co-op at any time, our bylaws will lay out the details of taking your membership equity with you.

Our membership equity is $400 per household, which is similar to other area co-ops. This is not an annual fee. It is the full cost of the membership, which will entitle you to benefits, and gives your household a "vote" on co-op matters. While we encourage everybody to pay their fee in full, so that we have the capital to open a store sooner rather than later, there will be payment plans available ($100, $50, and $25/month payment plans are available).