About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of Ambler Food Co-op is to create and sustain a member-owned market that nourishes the community by offering locally-sourced food and products, bettering the physical, social and economic strength of the people in Ambler and in the surrounding communities.

Ambler Food Co-op Vision Statement

Adopted April 23, 2014

Ambler Food Co-op will be a community marketplace that is welcoming to all, just and fair in practices and prices, and provides excellent customer service.

The Co-op will be dedicated to owning and operating a grocery store that meets members’ needs, including supplying fresh, local and organic produce, meat, fish, dairy, dry goods and bakery items, including spices, grains and nuts.

The Co-op will be easily accessible and located in Ambler Borough with parking nearby.

The Co-op will strongly encourage member involvement and provide educational opportunities to the community for healthy lifestyle choices.

Employees will be treated with respect, compensated fairly and provided a safe and supportive working environment.