What is the Ambler Food Co-op?

We are a group of dedicated and hardworking neighbors who want the absolute best for our community. A few years ago we began with a vision to open a community-owned and operated grocery store in downtown Ambler, PA. Now our vision is becoming a reality and we plan to have our full-service grocery store open in Summer 2017!  The store will be open every day and will be open to everyone. 

We are Transitioning into Weavers Way Co-op!

At this point, we are not accepting new members as we are merging with Weavers Way.  The membership voted overwhelmingly to partner with Weavers Way Co-op when and if a site was acquired.  That moment has arrived!  We are expecting to be able to occupy the building of our future home over the course of the next week, and construction will soon commence. 




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